Rosersberg Palace

One of Sweden’s ten royal palaces are situated in Rosersberg. Rosersberg Palace is the best kept secret among Sweden’s royal castles. Here time has stood still. The Oxenstierna family built the castle in the 1630s and the famous architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger helped them transform the building into a magnificent Baroque palace.

It became a royal castle in 1762 when the state gave Rosersberg to Gustav III’s younger brother Prince Karl, who later became King Karl XIII.

At Rosersberg, King Karl XIV Johan and Queen Desideria lived a pleasant life during the summers. The rooms are left almost untouched since 1795–1860, with well-kept furnishing and collections. Here you can find some of Europe’s best preserved Empire interiors. The vast English park in the beautiful Lake Mälaren landscape contributes to the charm of Rosersberg Palace. Take a stroll in the park and bring your own picnic. The palace also has a café with an outdoor terrace.

The castle is open:

6 May - 18 June: Saturday-Sunday, 11.00-17.00

20 June - 27 August: Tuesday-Sunday, 11.00-17.00

2 - 24 September: Saturday-Sunday, 11.00-17.00

There is a guided tour in English at 15.00 when the castle is open. 

Contact information

Slottsvägen 203
Phone: +46-84026100

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