Yogaweekend i Sigtunastiftelsen

I paketet ingår:
* 1 st eftermiddagskaffe
* 1 st 2-rätters middag
* tillgång till bastu
* 1 st natt i våra personligt inredda rum
* 1 st lyxig frukostbuffé
* 2 Yogaklasser
* 1 Meditation

INFORMATION OM YOGAKLASSERNA (Alla lektioner hålls på engelska)
Friday : Gentle Yin Yoga release
In this relaxing Yin Yoga class we are going to gently and safely work with the deepest connective tissues of the body – ligaments, joints, bones, fascia networks, while stimulating the energy channels (meridians). Yin postures are mostly floor based, held for longer period of time, which gives the body an opportunity to open and release tensions from deeper tissues, increasing flexibility and range of motions. Yin yoga also cultivates our energy body, clearing blockages and increasing the energy flow, improving the health of our internal organs. This gentle class is going to give you that nice release, stretch and relaxation you need. Open to all levels, no previous experience required.

Saturday: Morning Energy Flow class
Start the day with this stimulating slow flow class designed for all levels of practitioners honouring individual energetic levels in the morning. Flow into wakefulness, beginning with gentle warm up movements that increasingly intensify. Emphasis is firstly placed on linking movements with the breath together and secondly on effective alignment and safe modifications to accommodate every participant. Class will finish with long relaxation pose (Shavasana) bringing the body, mind and spirit into stillness, silence, harmony and balance. This class is designed to improve mobility, flexibility, balance, strength, and focus. You’ll feel energised and ready to go through your day with ease and equanimity. Open to all levels, no previous experience required.
10jun 16:45 - 21:00
11jun 07:45 - 10:00


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