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Sweden’s first town is well worth a visit. You can always find something fun or interesting to do in Sigtuna. Here are plenty of activities for all ages, all year around.



Sigtuna is Sweden’s first town and holds a thousand years of memories and stories. The town was founded by Erik the Victorious 980 A.D. Traces of the past are visible in every corner and no place on earth has as many runestones. Castles, churches, ruins, runestones and other remnants of the Vikings, as well as an old crofter’s homestead, are all within a close distance. We also have the smallest town hall and the largest airport in Sweden.


The street plan of Sigtuna is largely the same as a thousand years ago. When you walk on Stora gatan, you walk three meters above the original main street. The first coin in Sweden was minted in Sigtuna and the Sigtuna princess Ingegerd, our first female saint, was born here.


Adventure golf is a fun way to acquaint yourself with Sigtuna. The 12-hole course is situated at the beautiful walk along the lakefront. Each hole represents a historic place or building from Sigtuna’s past, and you will get a history lesson and a fun golf experience at the same time. It is suitable for both children and adults.


In the vicinity there are five fantastic castles to explore. Each offers a unique historic atmosphere and is situated in beautiful landscape settings. Visiting the castles is a pleasant outing for both the history enthusiast and for those looking for a fine day in the scenic countryside.


Book a guided tour or discover the area on your own, for example with the help of our walking map or the pamphletA Rune Stone Walk in Sigtuna.

You can download your own copy of the Sigtunaguide in pdf-format here. Also useful is the Sigtuna walking map, which you can find here. 

Attractions in Sigtuna